Hope, a future for Sebi

The AISB Alumni Association in collaboration with friends are organising a fund raiser on Saturday, November 23rd at the American International School of Bucharest. 

Sebi’s story written by Gina Lungu: My name is Sebastian-Nicholas and I am 6 years old. I was born on the 3rd of August 2007 at the University Hospital in Bucharest. My mother was in labor for almost 20 hours, so my parents decided to call me Sebastian-Nicholas after a character an animated science fiction film called Immortal. Sebastian-Nicholas is the only entirely human character in this film that fights to save the world. Like him, I have my own fight: the fight for my life! 

During the night I was born, I fought against neglect and indifference from medical personnel who were supposed to protect me and my mom, but they left her alone. I fought to stay alive without oxygen because the umbilical cord strangled me; I fought death because I was nearly dead when I came into this world! I was in a coma for 2 weeks. In the 3rd week, my mother was given permission to take my in her arms for the first time and she had to quickly learn how to take care of me and how to feed me. When I left the hospital I couldn’t cry, see, hear or eat by myself. 8 times a day, my mom had to insert a tube through my throat directly into my stomach and feed me with a syringe. I am a child with special needs, I have cerebral palsy.

I’m fighting for my life every day with my parents besides me. I suffered 3 surgeries and this is only the beginning. With the help of others, I need to learn everything that healthy children know instantly. I cannot sit, I cannot crawl, I cannot eat by myself, I cannot speak; since I was 6 weeks old, I’ve had to undertake all kinds of rehabilitation techniques including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Sometimes I’m tired, sometimes it’s painful but I am a fighter and I have my family by my side. But they need your help because all of these treatments are very expensive and increasing along with my age. All I can do for now is to lighten the suffering of my parents and grandparents with my beautiful smile but I need YOUR help to keep smiling! 

Medical care costs/month


  1. Recovery = 1,925 lei (physiotherapy, speech therapy)
  2. Occupational therapy = 960
  3. Syringes = 31lei (at the moment only use one syringe/day instead of six)
  4. Pampers = 270 lei
  5. Dry Wipes = 80lei
  6. Wet Wipes = 40lei
  7. Food = 902.5 lei (formula 180, grain 40, 52.5 crackers, smoothies 500, calcium 40, 40 cow’s milk, bottled water 50)
  8. Gastrostomy treatment = 675lei
  9. Nasal spray = 30 lei
  10. Hand disinfection gel = 20 lei / month
  11. Oral flora and gastrostomy care tea = 20lei
  12. Shampoo = 35 lei
  13. Anti Rash Cream = 20 lei
  14. Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation = 667 lei
  15. Nurse = 400 lei

TOTAL = 6,074.5 LEI

Please note that these costs are reflective of a month in which Sebi has no other medical problems. These costs also do not include other everyday things that every child needs.

The Alumni Association aims to raise funds to cover Sebi’s medical care for one year and to purchase the devices which will improve Sebi’s quality of life, which add up to approximately 14,000 Euros.

Invitation_Hope, a future for Sebi%22 23rd of November 2013

Event schedule

17:30 Welcome

18:00 Show & Sebi’s case

Variatiuni la Inventiuni: The show features a double piano concert. It reflects the idea of ‘doubles’ and sharing the piano with someone as ‘bad’ for each of the two virtuoso performers. Embark on a musical journey, starting with a 4-hands version of the Fifth Symphony by Ludwig Van Beethoven, that develops a series of musical and conflicting variations of this ‘problem’. And if that’s not enough, the pianists also ‘develop a crush’ on the same woman in the audience, and the scale of confrontation increases. How big and where it will go? We shall find out.

Carmen Avram is the best investigative journalist in Romania. Carmen has an impressive career, with many honors, awards and recognitions, with undeniable success nationally and internationally. Carmen has previously investigated Sebi’s case and has also done a story about him.

Compania de Teatru Labirint brings a less common form of participatory theater – the theater maze. Labyrinth Theater explores the context of new experiences that make us reconsider our own existence. The project invites viewers to focus their attention on the present moment, to perceive life here and now. This type of performance is a collective creation, resulting from the collaboration of many artists from different fields. Each spectator is involved individually, being led by a route consisting of installations in interior and exterior spaces. The experiences are likely to be a non-theatrical rediscovery, based on immediate reality.

19:00 Reception – Donations & Silent Auction

We welcome donations in the following bank accounts with reference “Friends of AISB Alumni”

Bank: BCRName: Lungu Nansi Ionut (Sebi’s father), conturi UMANITARE
RO 69 RNCB 0245036622920004 – LEI | RO 26 RNCB 0245036622920002 – EURO | SWIFT CODE: RNCBROBU



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